This gallery shows how ABC lefts its mark on religious broadcasting in the UK.

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  1. My Grandad was choir master on the morning service show. I am looking to source the film if available. From the local paper, I have the following details and nothing more: MORNING service at St John’s Methodist Church Wolstanton ABC Television on the ITV network on Sunday December 16th, 1962.
    My Granny was also at the service. Just curious to see what it was like.

    1. Hi Elizabeth. The Morning Service was not on film – it was entirely live. It was also not video recorded, because videotape was expensive and the resulting recording would have no cash or repeat value to the broadcaster.

      It is therefore highly unlikely – more than 99% – that no recording was ever made of this broadcast to start with and if any had been made it is similarly unlikely that such a recording would’ve been kept.

      If it had been made and had been kept, it is still vanishingly unlikely that the physical tape itself would have survived in the intervening 60 years.


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