Opportunity Knocks: Goodbye to Didsbury


A complete audio recording of Opportunity Knocks saying Goodbye to Didsbury on ABC’s last Saturday – looking back at 12 years of ABC in the North.

Opening shot of the programme
Opening shot of the programme

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1 thought on “Opportunity Knocks: Goodbye to Didsbury

  1. Thanks for initiating this site, I cannot begin to tell you what a sheer joy it is. You will understand why when I tell you that as a student I was paid £1 a day ( a small fortune in 1956) to do whatever needed doing, including acting as a call-boy ( in the original sense,NOT the present day smutty sense), a sweeper upper, a coffee carrier, a reach me, fetch me ,carry me general odd job bod!
    I didn’t know what it all was, but I fell in love with the banter,the strange but exciting mix of people who were top of their specific talent. So much so I abandoned the job planned for me ( working in a research lab at ICI) and after a LOT of begging became the First GENERAL TRAINEE working and learning in EVERY department.I eventually became part of the Camera Crew and then Trainee Director leading to Producer/ Director.
    I learnt my trade , from a zero base, at ABC-TV Didsbury. So I can say that:-
    ……I swept the floor on the first T/X and Produced and Directed the last T/X…..
    Perhaps you can now see why I cannot begin to tell you what a sheer joy this site is

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