Tempo: the impact of television on the arts

Angus Wilson reviews the contribution made to the arts by ABC Weekend TV's 'Tempo' in 1964 in our new microsite

All for the love of good food

Philip Harben introduces his new cookery show - The Grammar of Cookery - in 1964, part of ABC's Headway adult…

Call of the kitchen

The TVTimes talks to ABC's Philip Harben about cookery in 1964

Tonight's ABC Weekend TV... in 1968

A look at what was on ABC in the North on Sunday 28 July 1968

Tonight's ABC Weekend TV... in 1968

A look at what was on ABC in the North on Saturday 27 July 1968

Sunday success story

ABC producer Penry Jones in 1964 on why religious programmes on ITV are popular

Contracts and criticism

ABC's Howard Thomas on the ITA, Pilkington and Lew Grade

‘M’ appeal

ABC's Howard Thomas on selling The Avengers to the United States

Dramas of one kind or another

In an excerpt from his autobiography, ABC's Howard Thomas explains the genesis of The Avengers

Building up ABC

Howard Thomas explains how ABC grew from late starter to drama powerhouse.

Presenting the difference

How do you differentiate your two-day ITV company against a five-day behemoth?

It’s about time

ABC-TV's launch clock, recreated from the memories of viewers in 1956

Shield your eyes

Recreated: the ABC 'shield' ident from 1957.

Busy Batchelor

ABC starts the day with a lovely piece of music composed by Redvers Kyle.

ABC at Christmas

A festive gallery of ABC Christmas presentation.

Authority announcements

The first thing said on ABC every time it opened up transmissions.

Inside ABC's last day

The ABC Midlands and North presentation schedule for 28 July 1968

Progress report from Teddington

An update on the refurbishment of ABC's Teddington studios in 1962

It’s a race against time

The TVTimes in 1958 looks at the rush to get Outside Broadcasts on air at Christmas

A sister to assist her in career

Introducing Dinah Lee and Jane Taylor, playing sisters in ABC new serial 'My Sister and I' in 1956

Designed by VOYTEK

Meet the designer behind ABC's striking sets in 1960

The girl with a good case to state

TVTimes talks to Janice Willett, producer of ABC's State Your Case, in 1957

Three year diary

The 1964 contract renewal won, Howard Thomas explains what ABC will be doing for the next three years