Recreated: the ABC ‘shield’ ident from 1957.

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For a separate project a few years ago, we decided to try to reconstruct the lost ABC “shield” ident, used between 1957 and 1959, mainly at the start of each day.

We had Kif Bowden-Smith‘s memories of the symbol; Alan Keeling’s sketches of how it formed up; Geoffrey Lugg’s 1970s taped recollections of the sequence from his days in presentation at ABC; Richard Elen found and carefully restored the music; and Dave ‘Kecskebak‘ Jeffery’s amazing talents as a graphic artist pulled it all together.

Putting them together came up with two potential options that fit the descriptions and memories of all involved. The truth of what was actually used is probably somewhere between these two.

A word of warning for photosensitive people: the second video does not meet OfCom’s standards (Rule 2.12) on flashing images. Viewer discretion is advised.

Version 1, fitting Geoffrey’s description more closely than Alan’s.

Version 2, fitting Alan’s description more closely than Geoffrey’s.

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